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A New Chapter

A New Chapter

To my dearest community and friends,

I want to update you on the current situation with Ovvio Organics as many of you have so kindly offered your support.  

A year ago, I accepted a business partner as Investors into Ovvio Tea with the intention of expanding the operational component of the brand. I packed down my warehouse and moved its contents to their QLD warehouse. Whilst it seemed like a good fit at the time, for a number of reasons the relationship did not work out. I soon realised there was no chance for a resolution.

After 16 years of creating and nurturing my beloved Ovvio, I decided to walk away. I couldn't keep fighting for something I already have - the heart and soul of my brand.

This naturally means, I am no longer managing Ovvio, creating Ovvio Tea, managing the Social Media Accounts (Instagram and Facebook), nor the Newsletters released under the Ovvio brand. And I have requested that my name and anything pertaining to the Anthia Koullouros brand is removed from any Ovvio packaging, material or marketing.

Additionally, it should be noted that I am not affiliated with Origin Tea or any of its aligned businesses, including but not limited to Organic Wellness (OW).

My Paddington clinic, store, events, talks, workshops, and collaborations under the Anthia Koullouros brand were entirely separated from the Ovvio brand at the time of the new partnership and as such, are unaffected by my departure.

While this saddens me after many years of hard work and the love poured into my brand, this is definitely not the story of an 'ending'. It will be the birth of something new - Apotheca by Anthia. This is the right time to evolve, and to create something wonderful, something right for these times, something more aligned to you and me.

Initially, I will be launching a new collection of exquisite drinking teas, followed by a collection of naturopathic and botanical remedies - tisanes, elixirs and lifestyle products. This offering distills over 25 years of clinical practice and apothecary to holistically nourish you on your health & wellness journey. 

To my wholesale tea customers that have purchased from Ovvio in the last 12 months: Unfortunately, I am unable to supply you with my new tea brand at this moment, but I will advise you when this changes.

To my patients, Paddington store & online tea customers: My Clinic and Store continue to be the Heart and Soul of my work. It is from here that you will find me and be able to purchase my new range Apotheca by Anthia... coming soon.

Thank you, my incredible community, for all your love, loyalty, kindness, and support. Thank you for standing by me. I am looking forward to sharing my next wonderful chapter with you. Please follow me on @anthia_koullouros_naturopath where I will share more in the coming weeks.

With love, Anthia

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