The Apotheca Cleanse / Detox Tisane Box. Normally $52.00. Now $48.00. Save $4.00. Buy here... The Apotheca Cleanse / Detox Tisane Box. Normally $52.00. Now $48.00. Save $4.00. Buy here...

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You Don't Have To Be Extreme, Just Consistent

You Don't Have To Be Extreme, Just Consistent

January is the month to set the tone and intention for a new year. Another fresh, hopeful start. Though January may already feel a little overwhelming. There can be pressure to get it right and make it feel different. Do you ever find your mind wandering and wondering what everyone else is doing, comparing, and critiquing until you reach an overwhelming standstill? I see it in my patients. I can feel it too. What I've found, to help overcome this feeling, is to get very grounded and present in order to get clear. Do whatever it takes - daily meditation, swimming in the sea or walking in nature. I believe once grounded and present, we can focus on the intention or goal and implement small, consistent steps to reach it. Small, consistent steps repeated lead to sustainable long term results. You don't have to be extreme, just consistent. And consistency over time equals trust. Trust that you can create, achieve, and make the changes you want and need. Because eventually, it becomes evident that you can. But first, we need to get grounded and present.

This is the reason why I created Master The Basics - The New Year Cleanse & Health Reset to remind you to self-care, holistically, simply, naturally, mindfully... one consistent step at a time. No quick fixes. No one pill cure-alls. It's the simple things, consistently done well, like drinking water, eating more fresh food, and consuming less sugar and refined salt, that yield the greatest results. It's the simple things done with wholehearted faith and hope that last longer than a week or two. Start where you are, with compassion and kindness. No 'should haves' or 'should nots'. No need for perfection as we all have different starting points and different lifestyles. Just do the best for you.

Alongside the eBook, I encourage you to drink the two Cleanse Tisanes, specifically formulated to enhance your cleanse & health reset experience. Order here And there is a Private Facebook Group, with like-minded individuals. It's where I answer your questions, support and inspire you each day. It's just $49.00!