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Summer Food Cleanse Health eBooks by Anthia Koullouros Naturopath


With every change of season, there's a unique opportunity to hit the reset button on our health and well-being. However, it's during the balmy months of summer, a season of holiday festivities and indulgence, that we often yearn for a break from the culinary excesses that can leave us feeling less than our best. That's where our "Summer Food Cleanse & Health Reset" comes into play. 

In these ebooks, we invite you to embark on a transformative journey, a pause to recalibrate and rejuvenate your body and spirit. It's a time to implement a mindful retreat from addictive foods such as sugar, alcohol, caffeine, gluten & dairy, while replenishing your system with the vibrant and nourishing offerings of summer – bountiful vegetables & fruits, wholesome nuts & seeds, grass fed & wild proteins, herbal teas, soothing broths, invigorating smoothies, and revitalising juices.

Ebook 1: Summer Cleanse Health Reset - What Not to Eat

In the first ebook, "What Not to Eat," we dedicate 10 pages to shedding light on the substances and choices that can hinder your pursuit of holistic well-being. It's an essential guide to identify and understand the culprits that may be sabotaging your health.

Ebook 2: Summer Shopping List and Recipes

The second ebook, spanning 46 pages and featuring 40 recipes, provides you with a comprehensive roadmap for your summer cleanse journey. It's not just about what to avoid but also about what to embrace. You'll find a delightful array of recipes that celebrate the abundance of the season, empowering you to prepare delicious and nourishing meals that support your well-being.

Together, these ebooks offer flexibility, allowing you to implement a mini cleanse/reset or embark on a more extended journey, depending on your needs and aspirations.

Part of the 21-Day New Year Cleanse & Health Reset Cohort Program 2024

These ebooks are drawn from our comprehensive mind, body, spirit, lifestyle program, the 21-Day New Year Cleanse & Health Reset Cohort Program.