FEB 2022 - How To Regulate An Overwhelmed, Fearful & Anxious Nervous System.


Our NEW 28 Day Online Program has been created to help you regulate your distressed nervous system using whole foods, naturopathic & lifestyle wisdom through the lens of Polyvagal Theory.

The Polyvagal Theory explains three different parts of your nervous system and their responses to stressful situations - fight & flight, freeze and social engagement (rest & digest). The nervous system is your personal security system - constantly surveilling the scene. Its purpose is protection and connection. Move towards, move away, freeze or regulate. Befriending your nervous system positions you in a place of response vs reaction, when it comes to stress. 

“Every time you are tempted to react in the same old way, ask if you want to be a prisoner of the past or a pioneer of the future.” ― Deepak Chopra. 

Adrenal burnout, disease, fatigue, the fight/flight/freeze response activation - there’s a lot of ways we identify what is essentially a symptom of a modern life we haven’t evolved to live. It’s a state of being unregulated in our stress response, a place where we can no longer relax, find peace or switch off. The always busy, always on mode of living life is often modelled to us early on, which only serves to make it feel even more impossible to conceive of a different way of living. Yet we all have the inner workings and wisdom to live a different life, to switch into a state that allows us to be more present, more compassionate, more loving – for ourselves and for those around us.

Inspired by a wildly, stressful time and the loss of my company in the most unexpected way, right in the middle of Covid. This led me down a path to better understanding how I found myself in such a position, how & why I lost my bearings, my compass, my grounding and how in overwhelm, fear & anxiety I couldn't see the forest for the trees. I will be teaching you how I came through for the better, by healing present & past traumas and befriending the incredible nervous system. When in distress, your nervous system can keep you looping in more stress & illness expressed as lowered immunity, gut issues, HBP, fatigue, hormone imbalance, inflammation, insomnia, depression or chronic illness that just won't shift. When regulated your nervous system can support healing, create energy & clarity, provide perspective, possibilities & joy. By using whole foods, naturopathic & lifestyle wisdom via the lens of Polyvagal theory, this program will help bring you back to your most regulated, grounded & healthiest state of being. Day by day, I will be teaching you everything I have learn't & healed in my life thus far. 

Welcome to a new way of living. This program is for those feeling... angry - sad - depressed - worried - anxious - fearful - frustrated - trapped - numb - stifled - choiceless - overwhelmed - isolated - lonely - exhausted - burnt out - groundhog day - chronic disease that wont shift 

Specific Dates:  

  • Pre-order: 22nd September 2021
  • Access to course content: Monday, 7th February 2022. Get started on the About & Welcome Pages.
  • Enrolment closes: Wednesday, 9th February 2022 which allows plenty of time to familiarise yourself with this platform before we commence.
  • Commencement date: Monday, 14th February 2022.

Live Zoom Weekly Introductions and Q & A. If you miss the schedule, don't worry. We will upload the Live Zoom Weekly videos in the Weekend Preparation of each new week. Saturdays 8-9am

  • 12th February - Welcome, Preparation & Week One
  • 19th February - Week Two Overview
  • 26th February - Week Three Overview
  • 5th March - Week Four Overview
  • 12th March - Moving Forward

 What's Included:

1. A swish new online learning platform with daily lessons (content & practical), support & inspiration hosted by Anthia with over 26 years of clinical experience. About:

  • Why Did I Create This Program - My Story.
  • About Anthia.


  • Welcome Letter, Important Dates & Guidelines On How To Use The Program.
  • Preparing For Your Program.
  • The Nervous System 101.
  • Adrenal Glands 101.
  • Polyvagal Theory 101.
  • Discussions & Daily Inspirations Board.
  • Live Zoom and Q & A Recording

Week One:

  • Day One: Honour & Validate How You feel.
  • Day Two: Fight & Flight (Sympathetic Nervous System).
  • Day Three: Feeling Into Fight & Flight.
  • Day Four: Freeze (Dorsal Vagal Pathway).
  • Day Five: Feeling Into Freeze.
  • Day Six: Reflection.
  • Day Seven:  Reflection.
  • Live Zoom and Q & A Recording

Week Two:

  • Day Eight: Your Most Regulated State (Ventral Vagal Pathway).
  • Day Nine: Feeling Into Your Most Regulated State.
  • Day Ten: Food & Your Regulated Nervous System.
  • Day Eleven: Fluids & Your Regulated Nervous System.
  • Day Twelve: Gut Health & Your Regulated Nervous System.
  • Day Thirteen:  Reflection.
  • Day Fourteen:  Reflection.
  • Live Zoom and Q & A Recording

Week Three:

  • Day Fifteen: Exercise & Your Regulated Nervous System.
  • Day Sixteen: Sleep & Your Regulated Nervous System.
  • Day Seventeen: Breathe & Your Regulated Nervous System.
  • Day Eighteen: Nature & Your Regulated Nervous System.
  • Day Nineteen: Co regulation.
  • Day Twenty:  Reflection.
  • Day Twenty One:  Reflection.
  • Live Zoom and Q & A Recording

Week Four:

  • Day Twenty Two: Rituals & Routines for Regulation.
  • Day Twenty Three: Solitude, Stillness & Regulation.
  • Day Twenty Four: Supplements & Regulation.
  • Day Twenty Five: Herbal Medicine & Regulation.
  • Day Twenty Six: Reflection.
  • Day Twenty Seven: Reflection.
  • Day Twenty Eight: Reflection.
  • Live Zoom and Q & A Recording

2. Five Live Zooms and Q& A (recorded if you can't meet the times)

3. Your nervous system tisanes. As part of the program you will receive a pack of Harmonia & Meadow Tisanes.

4. Exclusive 10% discount code to use on any purchase online to support your journey or to top up your tea supplies. Received once you sign up.

5. Small group of 70 participants so we can best support you.

6. Private portal for participants to share their progress, ask questions and support each other.

7. Downloads for future use.


We hope you will join us.