21 Day Autumn Cleanse Tisanes & eBook


Autumn is the perfect time to get your body back on track after summer indulgences. It's the time to release yourself from addictions to sugar, alcohol, caffeine, and other stimulants. And it's the time to prepare for the cooler winter season, by strengthening your immunity and promoting healthy circulation.

As the season changes, you may experience Autumn symptoms:

  • Dry skin
  • Cracked or peeling lips
  • Sluggish bowels, alternating with diarrhoea
  • Fatigue
  • Bacterial and viral outbreaks

Like a deciduous tree, your body is designed to cycle; to ebb, flow and renew with the seasons...to shed periodically, and grow back stronger and healthier than ever.  Take this time to reset, reconnect and restore your health in just a few short weeks; by implementing a seasonal ritual of releasing toxins, mindful nutrition, and daily health-care and self-care practices, employing the transformative power of delicious, nutrient dense whole foods and organic herbal cleansing tisanes.

With the official launch of our new Cleanse Tisanes, I am offering our 21 Day Autumn Cleanse ebook with every purchase.

Launching mid-March 2021. Pre-purchase now. Your ebook and tisanes will be delivered then.


Welcome to your new Seasonal Ritual.

Based on over 25 years of naturopathic experience and thousands of client success stories, I have created four safe, effective and easy-to-follow cleanse programs for you, for every season. No fads, no gimmicks, just the natural wisdom your body craves.

It can take months, years, even decades for toxins to build up enough to cause chronic symptoms and illness. For this reason, it is unrealistic to expect one cleanse to solve all of your problems. This is why I created the 21-Day Seasonal Cleanse. With each season, you have the opportunity to reset your health, identify and release stored toxins, address the contributing factors and underlying causes of why you feel the way you feel as well as build a strong foundation of health.

Seasonal cleansing is not just for those with illness. It can be used to reconnect with your natural and seasonal rhythm, rejoin and flow with the change in weather, environment, length of days, and embrace seasonal produce as well as return to the foods that we’ve evolved to eat. 

For this reason, my 21-Day Autumn Cleanse is suitable for every level of detox devotee. If you are a seasoned cleanser, we invite you to dive in and experience the cleanse more deeply.

If you are new to cleansing, I recommend that you take the cleanse slowly and set aside as much time as your life allows to put in enough effort and intention to achieve a feeling of renewal and exuberant health. We all have different starting points with regards to health, daily rhythm and discipline, energy, and time. Do not over commit, take it easy, and choose components that you feel comfortable with and can achieve.



01. Getting Ready For Your Cleanse.

02. Get Clear On How You Want To Feel. Instill The I Am Philosophy Of Health & Healing.

03. Declutter, Organise & Tidy Your Kitchen - The Home Of Nutrition.

04. Create Your Ideal Week & Instill A Daily, Morning & Night Ritual.

05. Apply The Principles Of Wholefood Eating.


01. Improve Your Digestive Health.

02. Move Your Body.

03. How To Hydrate Well.

04 Energise & Heal With Sunlight.

05. Meditate.


01. A Toxic Chemical Audit Of Your Laundry, Kitchen, Bathroom, Beauty & Personal Care Products.

02. How To Breathe Well.

03. Declutter, Organise & Tidy The Rest Of Your Home.


01. Wholefood Recipes.

02. Support Detoxification, Naturally.

03. Daily Self Care.


1. Complimentary 21 Day Autumn Cleanse & Health Reset eBook

2. Organic Cleanse Tisanes - new improved Hygieia I and Hygieia II


Hygieia I ~ Bowel & Liver Cleanse Organic Tisane

A bespoke herbal blend traditionally created to promote healthy peristalsis in the bowels; cleanse the bowels with gentle antimicrobials; detox the liver, tone liver function, support digestion, absorption, and healthy elimination.

Organic Ingredients: Dandelion root, Licorice root, Peppermint leaf, Turkish rhubarb, Marshmallow root, Lemon myrtle, Thyme leaf.

Steep: 1 teaspoon per cup of boiling water for 5-7 minutes. Drink 2-3 cups per day for 7-14-21 days.

Hygieia II ~ Urinary & Skin Cleanse Organic Tisane

A bespoke herbal blend traditionally created to promote healthy urinary function, flush the kidneys, purify the blood, and clear the skin.

Organic Ingredients: Dandelion leaf, Nettle leaf, Red clover, Calendula flower, Burdock root, Chamomile flower.

Steep: 1 teaspoon per cup of boiling water for 5-7 minutes. Drink 2-3 cups per day for  7-14-21 days.

The tea blends have been Inspired by Hygieia (Greek: ὑγίεια), the goddess of health, cleanliness, and hygiene.