Winter Seasonal Eating & Herbal Garden Workshop at Glenmore House - SOLD OUT!


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Date: 10am-4pm, Friday, 28th May 2021

Join me for the Seasonal Eating & Herbal Garden Workshops with Mickey Robertson at the historic Glenmore House. These delightful days are timed to sync with the seasonal rhythm of our bodies alongside the seasonal rhythm of the garden. 

From a garden perspective, each of the workshops will yield very different produce for lunch; as well as a changing visual perspective as the garden shifts from its late summer beauty and bounty through a colourful autumn; then as winter unfurls into a burgeoning new spring...and early summer. 

From a herbalist and naturopath's perspective, each season reveals different plant material for both food and remedies, to enhance the seasonal cycles our bodies naturally travel during the course of the year. 

Each workshop will begin with morning tea, enjoying a selection of my teas & tisanes. A garden ramble will follow, punctuated with pauses to focus on various plants, followed by a thought provoking talk and interactive workshop exploring the role of herbal medicines to support seasonal health with simple daily health care and self care practices to connect with herbs. A long-table, seasonal lunch then follows and after, there will be hands-on activities, making some of those herbal remedies to support seasonal health concerns: herbal tisanes, salts, oils & vinegars, hand & body scrub - a hugely fun component to each day!

In winter we nourish immunity, boost mood and embrace quiet. In spring we push back against allergies, we shed, feel light and delight in new growth. In summer, we cool, hydrate, position ourselves in excellent health before the silly season.In autumn we recover from holiday excess, we balance, consolidate and strengthen for winter. 

Reconnect with your natural and seasonal rhythm, move in flow with the change in weather, environment, length of days, and embrace seasonal produce as well as return to the foods that we’ve evolved to eat. 

Welcome to your new seasonal ritual. 

Live in each season as it passes, breathe the air, drink the drink, taste the fruit, and resign yourself to the influence of the earth. By Henry David Thoreau.

About the day

Anthia will begin the day with a Herbal Garden Walk & Talk about the healing power of medicinal garden herbs. To follow, she will hold a thought-provoking talk and interactive workshop exploring the role of herbal medicines to support seasonal wellness, simple daily health-care, and self-care practices to connect with herbs.  The focus - getting equipped for the winter season ahead. Already our collective skins, circulation and organs are reacting to the new fine atmosphere, the chilled mornings and evenings. No doubt our susceptibility to winter-bourne lurgies is higher, learn how to boost our systems to manage these seasonal changes well, simply and from nature.

From Mickey’s Kitchen Garden, we will enjoy a beautiful Seasonal Garden Lunch cooked by Mickey. Late autumn / early winter...This season has a chill to the crisp morning air, though middle days are warm, causing new season plantings to grow at a pace. Fennel bulbs plump, the first sowing of kale should have had a dusting of frost, pumpkins have come inside after curing in the early autumn sun. There are Jerusalem artichokes to dig and pear, quince and persimmons to pick as the ornamental trees turn shades of red and gold. 

In the afternoon, Anthia will show you how to make Herbal Remedies to support seasonal health concerns whether it be herbal tisanes, herbal cooking salts, herbal oils & vinegars, herbal hand & body scrubs or steam inhalations and compresses. Anthia will also share her knowledge and clinical experience on Seasonal Eating For Seasonal Health using Herbs and Food as Medicine.

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Limited numbers per workshop.