Immunity Botanical Tea & Tisane Blending Workshops - New Workshop Announced!


In this hands-on tisane blending workshop, you will explore and discover the different ingredients that make up teas and tisanes – a full sensory experience. 

- Aroma - the taste and smell of ingredients are experienced and assessed for their earthy, vegetal, floral, milky, nutty, sweet, fire, spicy, and fruity aromas.
- Visual - the colour of the ingredients can give us insight into their quality and antioxidant benefits. Colour is related to antioxidant capacity in some plants.
- Sensation - do the ingredients generate a warming or cooling body sensation and noticeable mouth feel e.g. softening and lubricating for sore dry throats and coughs.
- Therapy - what feeling do the ingredients evoke - calm, uplifting, soothing, refreshing etc.

You will learn how to choose a base, how to create flavour, and how to blend for visual appeal, aroma, and therapy and create your very own special bespoke tisane blend.

And to finish, we will immerse ourselves in the beauty of a modern-day, yet nostalgic tea ceremony. 

First we will prepare your tea in your glass teapot.

- Boil filtered water in a kettle. 
- Add tea to your teapot -  1 teaspoon per cup of boiled water.
Steep times:
~ For flowers and leaves, steep for 1-3 minutes. Allow the boiled water to sit before you pour.
~ For woody, hardy and robust seeds, pods, twigs and bark, steep for 3-7 minutes. Pour the boiling water immediately in your vessel.
- Your glass teapot allows you to see the ingredients unfurl and flourish as they steep in the water.


Then we will enjoy your tea.... whilst we read soulful tea quotes and poetry.

Steep your tea, pour your tea, sip your tea, savour your tea, explore the flavours and sensations, connect with your heart and be still. With tender, gentle infusions and unhurried ceremony, capture a moment or two for solitude and connection.


What's Included:

** 2-hour group session with Anthia 

** Botanical Tea Blending Kit to use and keep

- 5 organic herbal ingredients 50-100gms each

- Bowl and spoon for blending your tisane

- Glass teapot to steep your tisane blend

- Teacup

- Empty amber glass jar to store your bespoke creation

- Set of notes

** 10% off any products in store on the day


Upcoming Dates

- - Saturday, 12th June 2021, 1pm-3pm - In Person at our Paddington Apothecary/ Tea Stores (small group of 4 participants - first in best dressed)