Herbal Fresh Hand Sanitiser 50g


We all know the importance of proper hand-washing to protect us from spreading harmful germs. But sometimes there is just no access to soap and water or not enough time to wash thoroughly. That is what makes the use of a hand sanitiser so amazing. They can be the perfect solution to keeping yourself safe from bacteria when hand washing isn’t available.

Containing only four ingredients, including pure olive leaf extract, Herbal Fresh Hands kills 99.9% of germs, without any water or soap required. It leaves and silky.

Herbal Fresh Hands hand sanitiser is a convenient, portable, easy to use sanitiser that is quick and efficient. Whether you are on the playground, using someone else’s computer or visiting a friend in the hospital, rubbing some Herbal Fresh Hands on your hands is an easy step toward a minimising your chance of illness. Herbal Fresh Hands has the added bonus of olive leaf extract which is derived from the Mediterranean native olive trees, Olea europae. These trees are extremely well know for producing olives and olive oil most popular for its culinary uses. But what many people may not know, it that the leaves have been used throughout history as teas and as internal and topical medicines.

Key Benefits

  • Kills 99.9% of germs
  • No water required
  • No harmful artificial chemicals
  • Leaves hand soft, clean and silky