Winter Eating - Seasonal Nourishment Ebook (88 pages)

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Written by Anthia Koullouros Naturopath.

88 Pages of delicious health & goodness.

Inspired by The 21-Day Winter Cleanse & Immunity Health Reset Program.

Winter is a season of profound nourishment, offering us the opportunity to prioritise our well-being by boosting our immunity and uplifting our mood. As the cold weather sets in, it's a time to embrace the tranquillity and stillness that the season brings, providing us with moments for reflection, recharging, and preparing ourselves for the challenges of the cold season ahead. 

During this time, our bodies crave warmth, comfort, and sustenance. It's a natural instinct to seek out foods that provide us with the energy and nutrients needed to thrive during the colder months. By tuning in to this instinct and choosing wisely, we can enhance our well-being and support our immune system.

In the midst of the hustle and bustle of modern life, it's easy to lose touch with the rhythm of nature and neglect our own self-care. Winter reminds us to slow down, to find moments of stillness, and to reconnect with ourselves on a deeper level. By embracing this season of serenity, we can replenish our energy reserves, restore our inner balance, and fortify ourselves against the harsh elements.

As we prepare for the cold season ahead, it's essential to take proactive steps to support our immune system. Winter is known for its challenges in terms of illness and low moods, but by adopting a nourishing approach to our diet and lifestyle, we can strengthen our body's defenses and promote overall well-being. 

This is the time to indulge in warming soups, hearty stews, and nourishing herbal teas. It's the season to savour the flavours of seasonal produce like root vegetables, winter greens, and citrus fruits, which are not only delicious but also packed with essential vitamins and minerals. 

In addition to nourishing our bodies, winter invites us to nurture our minds and spirits. Take the opportunity to cozy up with a good book, engage in mindful practices such as meditation or journaling, and surround yourself with the warmth and love of family and friends.

Winter is not a time to resist or endure but rather a season to embrace and celebrate. By honouring the natural rhythms of winter, we can find balance, rejuvenate our spirits, and emerge stronger and more resilient as we journey through the cold season ahead.


  • About Anthia
  • Introduction to Winter
  • Chapter 01: Wholefood Principles
  • Chapter 02: Macronutrients
  • Chapter 03: Pare Back To Replenish & Restore
  • Chapter 04: Winter Shopping List
  • Chapter 05: Winter Nourishing Ingredients
  • Chapter 06: Winter Recipes