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I am Food Kit by Apotheca

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The I am Food Kit by Apotheca includes:

1. I am Food  - Eating Your Way To Health book by Anthia Koullouros

I am Food was first published in 2014. The new edition, released in January 2023, includes fresh updates on Teas, Tisanes and Food as Medicine, and Herbs & Spices for Cooking.

Anthia Koullouros has been helping clients transition to exceptional health and happiness for over twenty years through her work as a naturopath, herbalist, and organic lifestyle educator.

Now, in I am Food, Anthia explains how to unscramble the scramble and transition from eating processed foods to eating the food that's best for your body, soul, and the planet. Simple, nourishing, traditional dietary foundations underscore her philosophy, and Anthia is passionate about educating and inspiring people to take care of their minds and bodies with natural, sustainable solutions.

By following Anthia's healthy and sensible approach to food and removing pre-prepared and processed foods from your diet, you can eat your way to health. Shopping lists, meal planners, and expert tips will help you along the way, as well as more than eighty meal recipes and detailed cleansing tips.

I am food prescribes herbal teas and food as medicine for ailments ranging from allergies to stress. Anthia also demonstrates how to eat seasonally, getting the most from your fresh produce for the ultimate benefit to your health.

2.Tuscan Herb & Spice Blend by Apotheca - large bag 100g 

A classic Italian inspired blend of organic oregano leaf, basil leaf, marjoram leaf, and garlic granules.

For sunny, Tuscan dishes such as grilled and sautéed vegetables and meats; as a salad dressing over simple green leaves, steamed vegetables, sliced tomatoes, and in light soups, baked fish and tomatoey dishes. Recipes in I am Food.

Organic ingredients: oregano leaf, basil leaf, marjoram leaf, and garlic granules.

Be liberal and use 1-2 tablespoons per recipe.

3. Provincial Herb & Spice Blend by Apotheca - large bag 150g

A classic French blend of organic sage, thyme, peppercorns & garlic.

For delicious roast chicken and vegetables, hearty vegetable soups & broths, sautéed fish & seafood, slow cooked meals, and omelettes.

Be liberal and use 1-2 tablespoons per recipe.

Organic ingredients: organic sage leaf, thyme leaf, black peppercorns & garlic granules.

4. Mexican Herb & Spice Blend by Apotheca - large bag 200g

The favourite! A spicy Mexican inspired blend of organic paprika, oregano, cumin, chilli, black peppercorns, and garlic.

For delicious salsas, guacamole, fajitas, burritos and BBQs, steaks, roast meats & vegetables and sprinkled over eggs or avocado toast. 

Organic ingredients: paprika powder, oregano leaf, cumin seed, chilli flakes, black peppercorns, and garlic granules.