"My purpose is to serve, support & inspire you to take care of your health; to help you holistically heal; to fall in love with nature, natural wisdom, & natural medicine; to take care of our earth & humanity; & to live mindfully with a joyful, kind & open heart."
~ Anthia

A well steeped history

If you're new here, welcome! I love seeing new patients, clients, and customers. Here's a little about me...This year marks 29 years of naturopathic clinical practice. It's hard for me to believe it too! I graduated as a naturopath, homoeopath, and herbalist at the end of 1994 and started consulting almost immediately.

I've done quite a few things along the way

I opened my first clinic in Paddington called Out of the Earth Health & Beauty Clinic. After ten years of clinical experience, I opened Ovvio, The Organic Health & Lifestyle Store, and Naturopathic Clinic in a quaint Paddington corner store reminiscent of old-fashioned apothecaries and teahouses. From this space, I was inspired to create my own brand of certified organic teas, tisanes, herbs & spices, and elixirs. Ovvio Organic Teas soon became Australia's premium organic tea company, served in the best restaurants, cafes, and hotels across Australia. Tea aficionados and herbal newcomers alike delighted in a whole, unprocessed, aromatic, and gustatory sipping experience.

I first fell in love with tea because of my grandmother, "yiayia"

My yiayia made her tea in a little old fashion aluminum teapot. She placed black tea leaves with a broken cinnamon quill, aniseed, and clove in the teapot with boiling hot water and served it black or with milk and honey. I had mine black with honey. I still take it this way. She also served her Tsai, the name for tea in Greek, with Arnott's biscuits. The Arnott's biscuits factory was around the corner from my yiayia's house. We often went for walks to the factory to peer through the windows and watch delicious biscuits move down the conveyer belt. The scent of baked butter and sugar wafted through the windows. It was a sight to see. The scent of aromatic tea and biscuits always reminds me of my yiayia. Pure comfort & love. This is what inspired me to create a tea company. Chai Tsai ~ Organic Tea – Apotheca by Anthia is her Chai Tsai recipe.

I became an author

In 2012, I released the I Am Food Guidebook and companion Recipe Book. Then in 2014, I Am Food was published by Penguin as a hard copy book. In I Am Food, I explain how to 'unscramble the scramble' and transition from eating processed foods to eating the food that's best for your body, soul, and the planet.

The new edition, released in December 2022, includes fresh updates on Teas, Tisanes and Food as Medicine, and Herbs & Spices for Cooking. Go here.

The launch of Apotheca by Anthia

After 16 years of creating and nurturing my beloved Ovvio, I chose to walk away to birth my new brand baby Apothēca By Anthia. This was the right time to evolve and create something wonderful, something right for these times and more aligned with you and me. Apothecary originates from the ancient Greek word Apothēca, [ἀποθήκη] a dispensary of botanical remedies. It was the place where women could be healers.

I launched a new collection of everyday drinking teas & tisanes followed by a collection of naturopathic and botanical remedies - elixirs, tonics & lifestyle products - small, bespoke batches of teas & tisanes, handmade in Australia from exquisite organic ingredients based on herbal recipes you have long loved with minimal waste in mind & deliciously good for you & our earth!

What heals you heals the world

I'm a natural, toxic chemical-free lifestyle, whole food, and natural medicine advocate and activist with a bigger purpose - to help heal the world. My philosophy is that if you can make better health choices, not only does this heal you, it heals our neighbours, our community, and the people on the other side of the planet. Invest in clean, whole food as this creates healthy soil, healthy farming, and a healthy environment. Reduce your takeaway food consumption, as this reduces single-use plastic and its detrimental environmental effects. Choose non-toxic, chemical-free, natural products, as this reduces our reliance on fossil fuels and reduces the toxins in our air and waterways, which affect us all.

  • Good for you, good for all
  • Old-school wisdom for modern people
  • Remedies from nature
  • Teas & tisanes as medicine
  • Food & herbs as medicine
  • Non-toxic body, home & lifestyle products
  • Minimal waste
  • Refuse, reuse, repair, recycle
  • Whole, organic ingredients
  • Ethical farming
  • Supporting local, handcrafted & bespoke
  • Connecting paddock to plate to person
  • Sidestepping gimmicks & dietary fads
  • Seasonal eating
  • Cultural cuisine
  • Food cooked & shared with love
  • Aligning mind, body & soul
  • Transforming fear into love & presence
  • Raising the divine feminine
  • Being open, curious, joyous, in a state of wonder

How to work with Anthia

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Holistic Healing One on One Coaching - a new offering coming soon

Workplace Health Talks, Speaking & Presenting - I have had the privilege of delivering engaging presentations on various topics, with a particular focus on areas such as Overwhelm, Cognition, Women's Health, Energy, and Gut Health. These talks have been well-received and have provided valuable insights and practical strategies to enhance overall wellness in the workplace. If you would like to learn more about my workplace heath talks or discuss scheduling an event, please find out more. Go here.

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