Dry Body Brushes - Seasonal Cleanse Support



1. Soft Bristle ~ This natural dry brush, with a detachable handle, is made with natural fine boar bristles (soft bristle). The soft stimulating fibre tones and cleanses the skin and is ideal for sensitive skin.


2. Medium Bristle ~ This bamboo dry brush, with a detachable handle, combines anti-bacterial bamboo with natural sisal bristles (medium bristle) to exfoliate and condition the skin and improve blood circulation.


What else can dry brushing help you with:

  • Effectively remove dead layers of skin and other impurities;
  • Revitalise and increase the eliminative capacity of your skin;
  • Stimulate hormone and oil-producing glands;
  • Rejuvenate the nervous system by stimulating nerve endings in the skin;
  • Contribute to healthier muscle tone and better distribution of fat deposits;
  • Help to eliminate cellulite;
  • Help to regulate body temperature, especially if you suffer the cold easily or have cold extremities; and
  • Improve your health generally and prevents premature aging.

Dry brush before you shower. Brush in sweeping circular motions - feet up, legs up, hands in, neck down, back, and torso all the way towards the heart. Rinse your skin in the shower, dry, and lather up with your favourite natural oil or cream.

Wash your brush once per week in warm soapy water and sun dry.