Apotheca by Anthia

Lioness Latte ~ Organic Dandelion Chai Latte Powder


Inspired by the glorious huntress - liberated by love, fearless & grounded.

Organic ingredients: Ginger, Cardamom, Cinnamon, Roasted Dandelion, Roasted Chicory, Licorice, Fennel, Clove powders.

Much like our Lion - Organic Dandelion Chai Tisane but in a powdered form for convenience. 

Prescribed: Naturopaths & Herbalists prescribe these botanicals for poor circulation, gut and systemic inflammation, gut soothing, digestive support, as an anti bacterial and antioxidant. A brilliant elixir to warm up a cold constitution. 

For the specific health benefits of each ingredient refer to A-Z Botanical Ingredients under Naturopathic Clinic.

Recipe to make a Lioness Latte: Mix one teaspoon in a little hot water followed by a cup of hot milk of choice. Enjoy as is, it's sweet enough. Serve with a dusting of cinnamon.  

Other recipe ideas: The delicious and health benefits of this versatile blend can be enjoyed in smoothies (half to one teaspoon) or add 1 tablespoon to cooking ~ puddings, custard, cakes and biscuits. 

Spicy Banana Soothing Tummy Smoothie

1 banana, fresh or frozen (swap out for pear, paw paw or papaya)

1/2 to 1 teaspoon LIONESS powder

1 cup milk of choice ~ home made or fresh (NOT UHT) almond or macadamia is our choice

1 tablespoon slippery elm powder (for inflamed and irritated bowels) or 1 tablespoon of chia seeds or psyllium husks (for sluggish bowels)

natural sweetener (optional)

Add in your prescribed naturopathic prebiotic, probiotic or gut healing powder

Blend and drink slowly.